Hardware Guide

Jasper is designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi (Model B) and requires some additional hardware like a wifi adapter and USB microphone. The suggested hardware is indicated below with links for further details. You may try slightly different brands/specifications of hardware, but we cannot guarantee Jasper will work on them. Jasper is not affiliated with any of the linked hardware vendors.

The Complete List

The Raspberry Pi Verified Peripherals List may be helpful for finding substitutes for the products recommended above.


Assembly of the required components is straightforward. Insert the microphone, SD card, wireless adapter (if you have one), micro-USB cable, ethernet cable, and speakers into the Raspberry Pi. The USB wall charging adapter is recommended to power Jasper as a standalone device.

The ethernet cable will be used to log in to the pi from a computer during the software installation step. After installation, if you prefer to use a wireless connection, this cable can be removed.

Internet Connection

As mentioned above, the wireless adapter is optional. Jasper runs just fine on a wired connection (via ethernet), so you can choose between the two setups depending on what works best for you.

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