Third-Party Modules

Below are some Jasper modules written by other developers. If you’d like to list your module here, submit a pull request.

  • Google Calendar – The Google Calendar module lets you check your Google calendar today or tomorrow for events, and it lets you add an event to your calendar.

  • Twitter – The Twitter module lets you tweet, check whats trending and check for any twitter notifications which include: Direct messages, retweets or mentions.

  • Evernote – The Evernote module lets you store notes for you in your Evernote account.

  • WolframAlpha – The WolframAlpha module lets you ask question to WolframAlpha search engine.

  • Status – The Status module outputs system status information upon request.

  • Movies – The Movies module is used to retrieve movie information.

  • Define – The Define module is used to get definitions of words.

  • Wiki – The Wiki module is used to get a Wikipedia summary of a word or phrase.

  • Domoticz – The Domoticz home automation module is used to issue commands to a Domoticz server using the JSON API.

  • Find My iPhone – The Find My iPhone module is used to force your phone to ring using the apple service “find my iphone”

  • Yelp – The yelp module is used to find a good restaurant in a given area. The module can also answer various questions about the restaurant.

  • Stocks – The stock module is used to get live stock quotes.

  • OpenWeatherMap – Open Weather Map API to get weather forecast.

  • Currency Exchage Rate Calculator – Get Xchange Rate for two Currencies.

  • MQTT – An MQTT client which allows you to control other MQTT enabled devices in your home.

  • Reboot – Reboot the Raspbery PI.

  • Selfie – Take a webcam photo and upload it to a predefined email.

  • Shutdown – Shutdown the Raspberry PI.

  • Speedtest – Run a Speedtest of your network and report back the results.

  • WavPlay – Play a random wav file from a predefined directory.

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